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The Lolly Liquid Milk Jar promotes practicality, hygiene and care when storing breast milk. Facilitates transportation, prevents leaks and contact with the smell of food in the refrigerator and / or freezer. The bottle neck is super hygienic and compatible with bottle threads.


The milk must be refrigerated immediately after collection. The storage period is 24 hours in the refrigerator and up to 15 days in the freezer / freezer, according to the Ministry of Health. The milk after defrosted should not be returned to the freezer.


The milk must be heated in a water bath before serving it to the baby and the use of microwaves is not recommended, as milk can lose its nutritional properties. Any milk overruns should be neglected.


For more information on sterilization and storage of milk, speak to a pediatrician, nurse and / or health professional at the milk bank.

Usefulness: Store liquid milk.

Composition: PP.



7335-01 - Blister w/ 1 un. | Box w/ 8 blisters.


NCM: 3924.10.00

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