Zoo Baby Sippy Cup Anti-leaking With Handles

The Lolly Zoo Anti- Leaking Cup is ideal for children during the transition from baby bottle to cup. Produced with non-toxic and highly resistant material, it is easy to manipulate and brings safety during use, as it does not have sharp or dangerous parts. It has soft nozzle, protective cover and anti-leakage system. For the cup to function properly, it is necessary for the child to bite the beak lightly so that the holes open and the liquid comes out. Average flow.

Suitable for children over 18 months.

Usefulness: Assist in the transition to the glass.

Composition: PP, TPE.


7104-01-AZ - Blister w/ 1 un. | Box w/ 6 blisters.

7104-01-RS - Blister w/ 1 un. | Box w/ 6 blisters.

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