Breast Shell (Soft Base)

Lolly Breast Shells assist in the preparation and formation of the beak, in addition to protecting and preventing cracks and leaks. It can be used from the 35th week of gestation.


Whole Lolly Shell:


It is comfortable, discreet and has a perfect fit on any type of breast;


Prevents injuries and promotes healing due to the ventilation valve;


Ensures hygiene and dry clothes, because it collects excess milk;


Prepares and forms the nipple, facilitating the baby's grip;


It protects, because it keeps the nipple free from contact with the bra;


It helps to prevent breast engorgement, called "hardening of breast milk".


The Rigid Base Shell is indicated for short, flat or inverted nozzles and the Soft Base Shell is indicated for the other types of nozzles, but feel free to choose the one that best suits you, no problem using one or the other.


Free! Mini Shell


Mini shells are ideal to leave in your bag if you need to change them at any time of the day. Because it is smaller, the amount of milk that fits in it is smaller, so we indicate its use for shorter periods of time or when milk leakage is less frequent. The size of the breast does not affect the size of the shell to be used.


Attention: The milk that remains in the shell cannot be used or donated without following the guidelines on sterilization and storage of milk, which can be obtained from a pediatrician, a nurse and / or a health professional from the milk bank.

Usefulness: Prepare, protect and form the nipple to facilitate breastfeeding.


Composition: PP and TPE.



7221-01 - Blister w/ 1 kit. | Box w/ 6 blisters.


NCM: 3924.90.00

Available Colors:

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