After all, the arrival of the baby transforms the life of a couple and this little being becomes the center of all attention.


And our attentions too! Our products accompany mother and baby in the most important moments: in preparation for breastfeeding, hygiene and bath time, in the first baby food, in the appearance of the first teeth, in moments of relaxation and fun, protecting the baby in its first steps. All this with great care, comfort and safety.


Our mission is to make the best quality products at affordable prices and distribute them throughout Brazil so that all moms and babies have the peace of mind that they are using Lolly branded products.



Ensure customer satisfaction, aiming to meet their expectations through our products, services and processes, seeking continuous improvement and meeting strategic planning, quality requirements and stakeholders in the manufacture and marketing of childrens products.


Our products are designed with innovative design, are easy to use and safe to offer every comfort for baby and mom.


All Lolly products comply with all applicable child product laws, whether laws, resolutions or technical standards.


It is a reason for our company to exist and a strong commitment to abide by strict quality standards and strictly follow the rules and regulations to ensure the health and safety of our consumers.


We are ISO 9001 Management System certified and our products are Bisphenol-A free.


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Av. Dr. Sebastião Armelin, 690
Corte Preto - Capivari
SP - Zip Code 13360-971
Mailbox 1855

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